Previous Editions

In 2016 and 2017, o Inovaconstruir Experience gathered in panels and lectures,national and international successful cases and experiences.

In a two day program, hundreds of people shared information and established networking, in a net that extended itself to meetings with startups, investors, researchers, suppliers, entities, students and businessmen, all envolved with a positive and propositional towards new solutions for the civil construction.

Look in pictures and vídeos, the registration of the two first editions of the Inovaconstruir Experience and have na idea of what waits for you in 2018.


Over 600 participants, 20 cases and lectures, national and international ones set the tone of Inovaconstruir Experience in 2016.

Among the highlights, one can mention the lecture of Zhang Yue, from Broad Sustainable, with the experience of a facility with 57 floors, built in 19 days.

Look here how was the first edition of 2016


Among the main cases shared in 2017, it was the Ma YiHe, of WinSun, who brings in his portfolio, the building of 20 houses in 24 hours, with 3D printing.

Other dozen of innovative and successful initiatives were shared with the 600 participants enrolled in the event; such as BIM,virtual Realidade, applicatives, sustainable area, largest multipurpose complex, steel systems, WoodFrame, and use of prefabricated, among others.